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The place for your business or capital? 


The Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland constitute a combined market place almost the size of South Korea, Canada or Australia. It provides ample opportunities for value creation and growth. 


Sweden, Norway and Denmark have AAA-ratings with stable outlook by Standard & Poor's, Moodys and Fitch, while Finland has AA+ by S&P.


In the World Bank's 2019 ranking of ease of doing business, Denmark is 5th in the world, Norway 10th and Sweden 11th.


In the Corruption Perception Index for 2019, by Transparency International, all 4 Nordic countries are among the top 7 least corrupt countries in the world. Denmark is no. 1, Finland no. 3, Sweden no. 4, and Norway is 7th.


This region is tech pro and tech prone, and ideal for pilots. The Global Web Index by the WWW Foundation, ranks Denmark as no. 1 of the 86 countries ranked, Finland no. 2, Norway no. 3, the UK no. 4, Sweden no. 5, and the US no. 6.


Scandinavia and the Nordic region have: 


  • tech mentality

  • stable political systems

  • extensive public welfare and sound public finance

  • highly educated people

  • business-friendly attitudes

  • extensive public programs to support and finance enterprise

  • low regulatory barriers to entry and foreign capital

  • transparency


The Nordics just might be optimal for your business or capital. Scandi Insight AS may assess your opportunities, be your Nordic consultant and provide entry assistance.

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